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There is an increasing amount of people lamenting the demise of independent blogging. Increasing corporate interest, seemingly endless rounds of funding that don’t result in improving the product and ever increasing VC stakes in independent startups leaves many wondering what happened to the days when a fresh idea and charisma were all you needed?

We’re not just talking about your run-of-the-mill social media platform either. A new class of blogging platforms has emerged catering for specific interests while providing a familiar format to traditional bloggers.

There are more than a few articles warning against starting your own blog or joining this or that new alternative. You probably encountered one yourself yesterday after leaving Facebook for greener pastures only to be confronted with yet another “this is why I’m leaving…” article today on your favorite alternative social media platform. This kind of writing is not only annoying, it suggests an inherent lack of faith in the reader which is a shame really.

Well, I’m here to convince you otherwise! Follow along as we explore the benefits of blogging and glance at some great platforms worth your time and attention (much better than fiddling around with yet another social media account).